Event Announcement

In the middle of Barony of Blackstone Mountain (West Virginia), there is a mountain and on top of that mountain the best fighters of AEthelmearc will assemble and a tournament will commence. From this tournament a Victor will arise and they will become the Heir of AEthelmearc. In this moment, lives will change forever. Be amongst those who witness first hand the pageantry, chivalry and honor that AEthelmearc has to offer.

SCA Name: Baroness Alana Horsecroft
Mundane Name: Margaret “Peggy” Stamper
78 Rhein Dr.
Charleston, WV 25306
304-395-8993 – Cell

Crown will open its gates at 6pm on May 6th, 2022 and close at 12pm on May 8th, 2022

Camp Sheppard 4-H Camp
78 Camp Sheppard Lane
Gandeeville, WV 25243

Pre-registration will open on February 22, 2022 and will close on April 29, 2022. Pre-registration for bunks or cabins must be paid within 14 days or they will be released. Send Pre-registrations to:

Barony of Blackstone Mountain
P.O. Box 1191
St. Albans, WV 25177

Make checks or money orders payable to: SCA-WV Inc. Barony of Blackstone Mountain

Or, if you wish, you can use the SCARS payment system to Preregister. Please check https://members.sca.org/apps/#MtgList to access the system.

Due to current Æthelmearc COVID Policy, if Roane County, WV, should turn orange or red on the CDC Transmission Map, only one household can stay in each cabin. (Household means family living together mundanely, and does not refer to SCA Households.)

If you are staying in a cabin, and the CDC Transmission Map is yellow, everyone staying in the cabin must be vaccinated. 

The CDC Transmission Map updates weekly on Thursday evenings at approximately 8 pm.

If Additional info is required contact our Reservationist/Troll/Exchequer

Lady Ro’is Inghean U ‘Dhubhsla’ine
Rose Delaney
304-550-3694 (No calls after 10pm)

Pre-registration (February 22 – April 29 2022)
Adult (non-member): $15
Adult (member): $10
Youth 7-17: FREE
0-6: FREE
Family Cap: $30 (nonmembers) $20 (members)
Full Cabin Rental (approx. 30 beds): $425
(Please call for availability.)
Lady Ro’is Inghean U ‘Dhubhsla’ine
Rose Delaney
304-550-3694 (No calls after 10pm)

After April 29th and on-site:
Adult (non-member): $20
Adult (member): $15
Youth 7-17: Free
0-6: Free
Family Cap: $40 (nonmembers) $30 (members)
Tent camping available at no charge.

6 RV with Electric Hookups with water provided for tanks are run by Camp Sheppard, for reservations, Please call Baroness Alana Horsecroft / Peggy Stamper at 304.395.8993 for availability. Cost is $20.