Site & Pet Rules


In regard to COVID-19, we will continue to comply with State and Federal guidelines, as well as Society and Kingdom Guidelines.

1. You will be given a medallion at troll. Your medallion needs to be worn or displayed at all times. To re-enter the site you must have your medallion or receipt, or you will be required to pay the entry fee again.

2. All alcoholic beverages must be in period containers. This is a damp site. Please clean up after yourself. Remember the motto, leave the site cleaner than you found it.

3. No underage drinking or contributing to underage drinking will be tolerated. Any individual involved with underage drinking will be ejected from site with no refund and local authorities will be notified. Remember that drinking age in West Virginia is 21.

Before breaking any mundane law at Blackstone Raids ask yourself this: “Do I want to spend the night in a rural West Virginian Jail?”

4. Any parties held at Crown Tournament must check ID’s. Hosts will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. Guests having to be removed by ambulance or law enforcement from site for reasons related to excessive reveling will not be permitted back next year.

5. You will have a two hour window to unload your vehicle. At that point, you will be asked to move your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas.

6. Once you have parked your car, unless you are going in to town, please leave your car in the parking area.

7. There will be NO firearms, fireworks, or chemical weapons of any kind permitted at Blackstone Raids. Period weapons ONLY.

8. No fighting of any kind shall be permitted without a marshal present.

9. NO tents are permitted in front of buildings.

10. No smoking in any of the buildings or public tents by state law. No smoking within 15 feet of building doors. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the proper places. Potted plants are NOT ash trays.

11. Trash is to be disposed of in trash receptacles. There are dumpsters and cans on site. USE THEM!! Do not burn garbage or refuse, as this is fire season in West Virginia. Remember the golden rule; we leave it cleaner then we first got it.

12. In the quiet camping area, quiet hours will be from 9:00 pm until 7:00 am. If you camp in the quiet area, please respect this.

13. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian on site.

14. If you rented a bunk or cabin please consider sharing your shower house with campers.

15. All chairs & tables need to remain in buildings and can only be moved by Crown Tournament staff and/or with permission of staff or autocrats.

16. There is absolutely no cutting of trees, dead branches, shrubbery or any foliage for any reason including but not limited to use as firewood. Your must provide your own firewood.

17. Any person who tampers with, moves, destroys, or vandalizes any facility or property of the Barony of Blackstone Mountain or Camp Sheppard without express permission of the staff as well as any person who might harbor or abet them in said violations, will be subject to possible immediate ejection from the event. These properties and facilities include but are not limited to: road signs; golf carts; picnic shelters; bathhouse; dorms; Battlefield set ups; tables; chairs, benches, and picnic tables used by Blackstone or Camp Sheppard; markers used by Zoning and Planning; and any other item that non-staff members are not entitled to use.



No pets are allowed in any buildings. Only service animals are allowed in buildings with documentation.

Shelter – Assure your pet has adequate shelter for the varied weather conditions. Ample shade if it’s sunny, a dry place if it’s raining or wet, a warm place if it’s cold and fresh water despite the conditions.

Restraint – All pets must be leashed, in a kennel, or “tied out” at all times. This is for both your safety and your pets.

Waste – Pickup any solid waste your pet leaves. Not doing risks this becoming a non pet site.

Children – Not all animals are accustomed to children, individuals other than their owners, or large gatherings of people. You or your child should not approach an animal you are unfamiliar with, and then only with the owners permission and co-operation.

Bugs – Be aware fleas and ticks are already out in West Virginia. Please prepare your pet accordingly.


Your pets causing disruptive incidents will be treated like people causing disruption and be asked to leave.